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We work hard to ensure our employees are trained to work safely, protect the environment and ensure quality practices while maintaining compliance with company, clients and regulatory agencies. Management ensures that employees under their supervision are suitably qualified, competent and trained.
For increased productivity and quality of output, the management of JISL ensures that the competence of personnel is determined through recruitment and periodic trainings.

Our employees are our greatest resource. Consistent with this philosophy, JISL provides an environment full of challenges and opportunities where employees directly contribute to the success of the company. In addition, employees are encouraged to work and succeed in a team-based environment.
In addition to being able to actively make contributions to better the company, JISL offers its employees a comprehensive set of remuneration and benefits. The company continuously seeks talented people with diverse backgrounds, who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit.

JISL, we understand that challenges bring opportunities which innovate excellent outcomes . That’s why we design our human resource initiatives such that they unlock the full potential of every employee.

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